Our Athletic Flooring and Racquet Court Divisions

Global Sports Products Inc.

GSP – Global Sports Products is the athletic flooring division of a division of Task and is a full service supply and installation athletic contractor based out of Task’s offices in Richmond, BC. If your searching for flooring more on this sporting side of things for facilities and applications such as gyms, ice arenas and fitness studios, this is where you will find it. Click on the logo above for the GSP site and further details.

CRS Racquet Courts

CRS Courts is the Racqet Sports division of Task and has been around for almost 40 years, supplying and installing racqetball and squash courts across Canada. This is where it all started for Task and GSP, as it was originally owned by Paul and David Benoit’s uncles who got them into the industry in their teens. Click on the logo above for the CRS site and further details.